Tailift Group
Tailift Group was founded in 1973. Since inception, Tailift Group has operated under the business philosophy to "Upgrade Taiwan Technology". With a team of professional R&D staff lead by Tailift President Mr. Lin, we have come to create our very own Tailift brand.

After the mass production of Tailift Radial Drilling Machines in 1975, Tailift started the R&D of forklift trucks and CNC turret Punch Press Machines in 1980. To date, accompanied by the development and growth of Taiwan's Machinery industry and the Taiwan economic miracle, Tailift is now a leading brand globally.

MAX 1250X Turret Punch Press
Introducing our new MAX1250X Thick Turret Punch Press with advanced Hydraulic Servo System employing the versatility of Multi Index Tools.

This new MAX1250X maximizes efficiency, flexibility and your profitability. Ensuring a quality made Precise and Accurate CNC Turret Punch Press for your Sheet metal components.

MAX1250X Complex Multi-Tools of features: Advanced Hydraulic Servo System ensures fast Punching, Nibbling and accurate Forming of components while ensuring low noise emissions. The unique Turret design offers the flexibility of 24 various sized tooling stations including 4 Auto Index D stations for Multi Tools. A maximum of 52 Tools and 4D station or 12B station to 32 A station indexing Tools can be employed at the same time to fill the Turret ensuring maximum efficiency.

TH-130 Press Brake
New Developed TH-130 - "6+1" AXES Synchronized Electro-Hydraulic Press Brake Tailift's Electro Hydraulic bending machine is a down stroking Press Brake. It is controlled with double upward moving cylinders, allowing the work piece to remain at the same work height while processing, thus ensuring bending precision and dimensional accuracy.

The axes: Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2, C

Y1 and Y2 can be independently controlled for tilt angle compensation. Aside from these, worktable compensation and deflection compensation is also available to satisfy all different working requirements of users.

The top beam uses the HEIDENHAIN airtight grating in synchronization. Grating on either side will feedback to the controller the positions of the block beam to control the opening of the synchro-valve, thereby making automatic regulation of the oil flow to control the movements of the block axes Y1, Y2 in synchronization, always keeping the worktable in a collateral plane.

Independent controls of the respective axes are possible, making work-piece bending in different angles an easy one time job.

TL-4000 Laser Cutting Machine
The Tailift TL4000 Laser cutting machine with its gantry type structure and the latest design of the all time constant length optics compensation system is able to precisely control the laser output rate at any position on the processing plane, thereby achieving the optimal beam quality in rapid speed cutting of the intended point, drastically increasing the quality and efficiency of cutting, making super rapid speed cutting a reality.

The superior automatic dust collection system of TL4000 makes possible the quick collection and efficient treatment of the powder dusts and waste gas emissions generated during the cutting process, thus making the working environment free of dust and free from air pollution.

.The laser cutting head of TL4000 is with the anti-collusion function and can automatically detect the actual position of working sheets. The new laser head system adopts the double drawer type design where the focus mirrors are easily inter-changeable, especially when performing jobs that require frequent switch over of thin and thick material sheets, with 5", 7.5" lenses as standard and 8.5" and 10" as optional accessories, thus greatly improving working efficiency.

Also included in TL4000 is the flexibility granted by the slide doors on two sides of the machine which are able to be opened fully, making possible the free selection of loading/ unloading directions of sheet materials according to operator's preference practice.

TAILIFT is your reliable and efficient partner in quality and versatile sheet-metal processing.

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