Introduction suspension transmission on Z series

Suspended power train with a flexi-coupling to the drive axle is a big innovation. Vibration and noise are greatly reduced.

Low Vibration
The Z series enclosure body also prevents operation noise from escaping into the opening area. Also one more feature to help keep working environment quieter.

Low noise
The remarkable suspension powertrain which achieve low noise and vibration. The noise has been reducing to 79db.

Hub reduction axles
3 stages speed reduction mechanism design, from transmission through differential and hub to gear mechanism. Reduce the loading for transmission and differential and extend the power train's lifecycle.

Integral clutch pack with multi-disc clutch
The multi-disc clutch design ensures high torque capacity permitting smooth direction change. The Z series transmission have 4 pieces plates and bigger clutch pack improve frictional force and reduce wear out speed.

Transmission control valve
The control valve is mounted on top of the transmission for easy maintenance and adjustment.

Relief valve design to decrease oil pressure impulse.

The forward and reverse solenoid valve are integral, allow quick direction change.

Enlarge oil filter given better oil cleanliness.

All these features given better power, reduce vibration and noise, also lower your maintenance cost.