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[2015/09/23] Tailift launches Z series
Acquisition of Tailift Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) Lift Truck Business
— Expanding the product line-up and strengthening business in emerging markets —

Taiwanese manufacturer Tailift has launched its first new product since its acquisition by Toyota Industries Corporation. 

Toyota Industries last month gained control of Tailift by acquiring 55% of the spun-off forklift operations for JPY10 billion (USD83 million). 

Toyota said the acquisition was aimed at increasing its marketshare in developing economies which accounted for almost 40% of the global market in 2014. 

The new Z series consists of 10 new models, with load capacities from 1.5 T to 10 T. 

The models are available in diesel, petrol or LPG versions and boast refined ergonomics, improved performance, comfort, safety, easy maintenance and value for money. 

The Z series includes an enlarged cabin, a clear-view mast and pedal-type parking brakes. 

Vibration and noise are greatly reduced and a wide range of safety functions and devices have been included. 

Other design features ensure easy inspection for improved routine maintenance.